Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Licking Her Privates Constantly

Why Your Dog Keeps Licking Her Privates – Dogs may be humorous, and the majority of their behaviors are extremely amusing. Despite the fact that you may enjoy seeing your dog chase his tail or run in circles, some of their behaviors can be humiliating. All canines indulge in the embarrassing behavior of licking their private parts and anal region. This occurs equally across male and female canines and is not restricted to a particular environment.

As dogs groom themselves by licking their privates, it is relatively normal for them to do so, but excessive licking is concerning. Certain diseases might irritate or inflame the private regions, resulting in excessive licking.

Why Your Dog Keeps Licking Her Privates

Dogs clean themselves through licking, so a moderate quantity of licking is fine and even anticipated. After urinating, dogs may lick their privates to sanitize the region. In this condition, infrequent and brief instances of licking occur. More persistent licking may be a sign of health problems.

If your dog gets diarrhea, you should take it into account. Your dog may feel the urge to clean up after eliminating, therefore excessive licking may be observed. Nonetheless, they are attempting to organize their anal region as best they can. If your dog does not have diarrhea, the act of elimination should not be followed by licking.

When Is Licking A Problem?

According to VCA Hospitals, frequent and persistent private licking can be concerning. If accompanied by additional symptoms, it may suggest a health issue. If your dog continues to excessively lick his privates and you notice other symptoms, it may signal the following health problems:

Bladder Inflammation (Cystitis)

Cystitis is the broad word for inflammation of the bladder due to a variety of causes. Bladder inflammation may be caused by an infection, bladder stones, damage, or other diseases. Both male and female dogs are susceptible to bacterial inflammation, although female dogs are more likely to get bacterial bladder infections. The inflammation can cause substantial urinary problems and pain in the urogenital region. Cystitis-affected dogs will struggle during urination and have trouble passing pee.

Due to these challenges, dogs may lick their privates to self-soothe or encourage urination. Mild infection-related inflammation can be treated at home, however severe inflammation requires medical attention.

Urinary Tract Illnesses (UTIs)

Similar to bladder infections, but with germs present in the urinary tract, are urinary tract infections (UTIs). A UTI can progress into a bladder infection if left untreated. Female dogs are at a higher risk for having UTIs. This is owing to the proximity of the urethra to the anal area. UTIs are primarily caused by E. Coli bacteria found in human feces.

Because the symptoms of a UTI are similar to those of a bladder infection, your dog may lick his privates for the same reason. You will notice that your dog compulsively licks after urinating.

Vaginitis Why Your Dog Keeps Licking Her Privates

Vaginitis refers to the vaginal inflammation. There are numerous causes for your dog’s vaginitis, including trauma and infection. Numerous unsterilized females get vaginitis, which disappears after their first heat cycle begins. However, vaginitis can affect both spayed and unspayed dogs at any age. If your dog has vaginitis, you will observe that her vulva is swollen and she has vaginal discharge. Vaginitis-affected dogs may compulsively lick their privates to alleviate the inflammation.

To diagnose your pet, your veterinarian will conduct tests and assess medical history. The majority of dogs with vaginitis recover completely within a few weeks. Spaying an adult dog can minimize the likelihood that she will develop vaginitis.

Temperature Cycles

Female dogs that have not been spayed will experience heat once or three times every year. During their reproductive cycles, they tend to lick their privates more frequently. Additionally, you may observe a bloody discharge from your dog’s vagina, which is typical for unspayed canines. She may be in heat if she licks her privates more frequently and exhibits other behavioral changes. A typical heat cycle lasts between 1.5 and 2 weeks, therefore licking behavior should cease after the period is over.

If you see bloody discharge from your spayed dog’s vulva, take her to the veterinarian immediately. This could signify a variety of health conditions, such as tumors, infections, or traumas.

Pregnancy Why Your Dog Keeps Licking Her Privates

If your dog’s pregnancy is nearing its conclusion, she will frequently lick her privates. This indicates that your dog is soon to give birth. Additionally, she will get restless and exhibit nesting behavior.

Allergies Why Your Dog Keeps Licking Her Privates

Environmental allergens are also found in your pet’s food. Allergies can cause your dog’s entire body to itch. To alleviate the irritation, your dog may excessively lick her privates. If the allergen is an environmental allergy, such as pollen, it will produce intense itching upon contact. When you take your dog for a walk, wipe her paws, belly, and face to reduce allergy exposure.

Change to a hypoallergenic diet if the allergen is present in your dog’s food. Dogs are typically allergic to the protein in their food, but other components may also trigger an allergic reaction. Limiting your dog’s exposure to allergens is desirable, as allergies will require medical care.

Skin Disease

Normal skin bacteria and yeasts are present on the dog. However, an infection might result from an overgrowth of bacteria or fungi. Similar to an infection of the urinary tract, the skin surrounding the vulva may also become contaminated. These illnesses create itchy skin, which your dog can alleviate by licking. The presence of red bumps or pustules indicates a bacterial illness requiring treatment. Also susceptible to bacterial and yeast infections, you should switch to a medicated shampoo for your pet.

Effect of Anal Gland Impaction

If your dog is excessively licking their privates, it may be an attempt to relieve their irritated anal glands. Two anal glands surrounding the rectum secrete a foul-smelling fluid when dogs defecate. However, if the anal glands are unable to drain properly, they might become swollen and irritated. The itchiness may cause your dog to excessively lick the privates.

It can develop into an infection that can spread rapidly if left untreated. If you observe lumps surrounding your pet’s rectum, it may be the result of anal gland obstruction. Consult with your veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

Disorder of Obsessive-Compulsive Compulsiveness

Similar to people, dogs can experience Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD can develop in dogs exposed to chronic stress and anxiety.

Compulsive licking is one of the many compulsive habits that dogs can exhibit. If a dog suffers from obsessive licking, it will emerge as a recurring pattern. The act of licking may be restricted to a specific place, such as the privates, or may involve the entire body. Compulsive licking can sometimes result in a painful condition known as Acral Lick Dermatitis.


Consider variables such as pregnancy and heat cycles if you observe your pet persistently licking her private parts. If your dog is excessively licking and is not pregnant or in heat, it may suggest a health problem. Consult your veterinarian for treatment and diagnosis. Urogenital health problems can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for your pet.